Welcome to the American Baptist Conference Center

"To be perceived and recognized as one of the finest retreat centers for the value, with the friendliest staff and most inviting meeting and lodging facility in the country.
To this end we as a team shall constantly maintain the highest of excel lance in quality and service. Treat and value our guest and co-workers with equal dignity and respect.
To continually strive to improve the facilities and services to keep pace with the future needs of   our guest.
To work everyday, at every level of operation to ensure maximum profitability so that we may prosper and grow."

The American Baptist Conference Center, located just 1-1/2 miles on the west loop of the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) is already known to many persons. ABCOTS would utilize the building for our administrative offices, in the larger portion of the first floor, and convert the second and third floors for small group meeting areas and sleeping accommodations for a retreat center. In-kind space would be provided for outside services like Pastoral Counseling services, with the staffing being the responsibility of a certified group or institution. Counseling and guidance would be offered for church leaders seeking to know how their gifts can be used in the most productive way possible.

Missionary in Residence: An efficiency unit is provided for missionaries on short term assignments or furlough to live in for 4-6 weeks. They will be able to visit churches in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas for teaching, conducting workshops, engaging in continuing education events, or fulfilling speaking assignments. This brings missionaries in direct contact with the local church and serves as a recruiting ministry.

All church leaders should have lifelong opportunities for continuing education in the form of workshops, conferences, and support systems for nurturing and faith development. Professional counseling is needed in a wide range of psychological services to individuals, families, couples, and organizations.

The Conference Center is utilized as a mission center for resourcing our churches, a training center, seminar facility, a renewal haven, and a place for community ministries. In addition to the focus for ABCOTS' congregations, we envision endless opportunities to network with wider religious, non-profit bodies and social service providers in giving authenticity to the title "Mission Center."

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